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Journey to Clarity: A Complete Guide to Spotless Car Windows with Glass Extra from Candicar

Candicar: Expertise in professional-grade automotive cleaning and care products

Candicar is a company specialized in the creation, development and manufacture of automotive cleaning products. Located in Mettet and with more than 39 years of experience, Candicar is recognized for the quality of its production and logistics service. Professionals trust Candicar to provide professional-grade cleaning products that meet their specific needs! 

Candicar offers a wide range of professional-grade car care products, which are also accessible to individuals. Thanks to their expertise in the automotive field, they have developed powerful formulations that guarantee flawless results. Whether it's for the cleaning of rims, engines, embedded insects or for the maintenance and renovation of plastic and leather vehicles, Candicar offers effective solutions for every need.

Glass Extra by Candicar: The professional cleaning foam for flawless windows

Among Candicar's flagship products is Glass Extra, a professional-grade multi-surface cleaning foam. Designed to clean more than just windows and windshields, this overactivated foam degreases and cleans quickly without leaving streaks or streaks. It's easy to use: just spray Glass Extra on the surface to be cleaned, then wipe and polish with a clean cloth.

Glass Extra is ideal for a variety of surfaces, including glass, mirrors, laminate surfaces, PVC, and even the kitchen. Its professional formula ensures a sparkling clean on all surfaces, keeping the house and vehicle spotless with one convenient product. Thanks to its ease of use and quick result, Glass Extra is a perfect choice for those looking for a versatile and effective cleaner.

Extra glass, useful for your car windows but also your windows or even your cooking tachet:

Even though we designed Glass Extra to be a perfect product for washing your car windows, this product is also very useful for any glass surface, such as your house windows, laminate, pvc or even your cooking tacs.

A useful product to have on hand for multiple occasions.

Glass extra - produit ultra efficace pour laver les vitres des voitures

Why wash your car windows regularly?

Better visibility when driving

Regularly washing your car windows is essential for several reasons. First of all, clean windows contribute to better visibility when driving, which is crucial for road safety. Dirty windows can reduce light and create distracting reflections, which can alter the perception of the road environment and increase the risk of accidents. In addition, dirty windows can also compromise the proper functioning of windshield wipers by leaving residue that can scratch the blades or disrupt their movement, decreasing their effectiveness.

The aesthetic touch for your car

In addition to safety, the aesthetic aspect is also important. Clean windows add a touch of sharpness and shine to the car's exterior, which improves its overall appearance. In addition, it helps to preserve the value of the car, as well-maintained windows give the impression that the vehicle is well maintained as a whole.

How often you clean your car's windows

When it comes to how often you should clean car windows, it is recommended to do it at least once a week, depending on weather and driving conditions. For example, if you often drive on dusty roads or in rainy weather, it may be necessary to clean the windows more frequently to ensure optimal visibility. Similarly, after driving through areas where insects have been crushed on the windshield, it is important to clean them promptly to avoid damage to the surface and maintain good visibility. In summary, regular car window maintenance is essential to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, as well as a neat aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Expert tips for washing your car windows optimally

Washing your car windows properly requires a methodical approach and a few tricks to achieve optimal results. Here are some practical tips to help you with this task:

  1. Choosing the right time and place: Opt for a cloudy day or a shaded area to prevent the cleaning water from drying out too quickly, which could leave marks. Also, avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight to avoid stains due to the rapid evaporation of water.
  2. Using the right products: Choose a glass cleaner specifically designed for cars, preferably ammonia-free, to prevent damage to plastic and rubber surfaces. 
  3. Use the right tools: Use a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge to clean the windows to avoid scratches. Avoid using paper towels or cotton cloths that can leave fibers on the surface.
  4. Start with the inside: To avoid getting the cleaned windows dirty again, start with the inside of the car. Use a glass cleaner and a clean cloth to remove dust, fingerprints, and stains.
  5. Moving outside: Once the inside is cleaned, move on to the outside. Use a garden hose or bucket of clean water to rinse away dirt and cleaner residue. Next, apply the glass cleaner to the surface and use a clean cloth to scrub in circular motions until the windows are clean and streak-free.
  6. Wipe thoroughly: Once the windows have been cleaned, use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the surface and remove any traces of water or cleaner. Be careful not to leave any marks or residue, especially on the windshield, as this may affect visibility while driving.

Opt for Candicar's Glass Extra, your ultimate ally for effortless cleaning and sparkling clean surfaces. Simplify your cleaning routine and get professional results with Candicar !


Published by Daniel on 06/05/2024