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Candicar, a Belgian car care product brand

Since its beginnings in 1986, Candicar Europe has established itself as a reference in the field of vehicle care and cleaning products in Belgium and beyond. Our company's history is marked by a constant commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Our humble beginnings with only three references were the starting point of a journey that led us to become a dynamic and successful SME, proudly owned by a family.

Car cleaning products formulated and produced in Mettet 

In 1994, we took an important step forward by constructing a 1,000 m² building in the Mettet industrial park. This expansion has allowed us to increase our production capacity and improve our processes. Two years later, in 1996, we invested in a complete semi-automatic filling line, demonstrating our commitment to the quality and efficiency of our operations. Since then, we have continuously strived to improve our products and processes to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Complete range to maintain and wash all your vehicles 

At Candicar Europe, we attach great importance to the choice of packaging and the care of the decorations of our products. Our constant search for improvement and the formulation of high-performance products remains our priority. We pride ourselves on creating vehicle care and cleaning products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Whether it's cleaning rims, engines, removing insects, or maintaining the interior of the car, our products are designed to deliver a powerful formula while respecting the surfaces being treated.

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Candicar, a key player in automotive cleaning products

In 2008, we undertook a major renovation of our existing building and built an additional 2,000 m², bringing our total area to almost 3,000 m². These investments have strengthened our ability to meet the growing demand of our customers and maintain our leading position in the market.

However, our story doesn't end there. In 2010, we took the next step by acquiring new high-capacity tanks and installing a computer-aided automatic mixing room. These improvements have allowed us to optimize our production processes and ensure the consistent quality of our products.

Professional car care products accessible to individuals 

In 2023, we made an important decision by opening our professional products to individuals. Convinced that everyone deserves access to the quality and efficiency of our products, we have developed smaller formats adapted to the needs of individuals. So, whether you are an automotive professional or an enthusiast concerned about the maintenance of your vehicle, you can count on Candicar Europe to provide you with the best cleaning and maintenance products.

At Candicar Europe, we are proud of our Belgian heritage and our commitment to excellence. Every product we manufacture is the result of technical expertise and an unwavering dedication to providing innovative and effective solutions. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the best products on the market and staying at the forefront of the automotive care industry."