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Discover the most effective products to have a car interior as good as new !

The interior of your car is your personal sanctuary, and its maintenance should not be taken lightly. For professional cleaning, using the right products is essential. In this article, we'll explore the key steps to clean your car's interior like a pro, featuring some of Candicar's flagship products.


  1. Red Cockpit Spray & Leather Care: The Perfect Duo for Dazzling Leather Seats

To maintain your leather seats like a professional, Candicar's Red Cockpit Spray and Leather Care are a must.

  • Red Cockpit Spray : This color-enhancing and protective spray gives your  dashboard new life. It restores the natural shine of the treated substrate while forming a protective barrier against UV rays and everyday damage. Its unmistakable glossy effect is perfect for all plastics as well as leather, wood, polyester, etc. Red Cockpit Spray dusts and revives while leaving an unmistakable shine on synthetic or natural treated materials.   Its effect is long-lasting and its oceanic smell is very pleasant.
  • Leather Care : A more in-depth care for your leather seats, this product moisturizes and preserves the suppleness of the leather. Its nourishing formula protects against drying out, ensuring increased durability. Even if it is a high-performance treatment, our "leather care" product allows a quick maintenance of all types of leather (except shearling, nubuck, suede). Regular use of Candicar Leather Care will preserve the natural qualities of the leather !

How to use : Shake the product before use, spray +/- 20 cm from the surface to be treated, rub in with a soft cloth, such as our professional microfiber!

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  1. Professional Microfiber: The Art of Gentle Cleaning

A professional-grade microfiber is your ally for a gentle but effective cleaning of your car's interior. Use it with Red Cockpit Spray and Leather Care products to apply products evenly and gently remove dirt without damaging the surface of your leather seats.

Candicar's professional microfiber cloth can also be used for dusting and polishing. Or even to remove all traces of oil, grease or dirt from windows, mirrors, bodywork, wheels, plastics, leather or wood ! Its size of 50*70 cm allows a wide use !


  1. Absordodor: Say Goodbye to Unwanted Odors

Unwanted odors can quickly ruin the travel experience inside your car. Candicar's Absordodor is designed to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors, leaving a fresh and pleasant scent. Spray it discreetly onto your car's carpets for continuous freshness.

Our odour destroyer neutralises and removes the most stubborn bad odours of organic origin such as perspiration, food, animals etc...

Directions for use : spray the spray inside the vehicle (on carpets, or directly on the surface responsible for the odour. Then close the doors and let it sit overnight ! 

  1. Bristle Brush, Texti Clean and Multi Cleaner: For Flawless Carpets and Fabric Seats

Carpets and fabric seats require special attention. Use this trio of products for professional results.

  • Bristle Brush : This rubber-bristled brush is perfect for removing stubborn dirt from carpets and fabric seats. Ideal for easily removing pet hair from textiles such as convertible seats, carpets and soft tops !
  • Texti Clean : This specially formulated textile cleaner removes stains and embedded dirt. Texticlean has been formulated to quickly remove and clean all types of organic dirt on seats and floor mats. Texticlean revives the original colours and leaves a pleasant smell. 

Directions for use : Spray it on the areas to be treated, use a soft brush to emulsify everything and allow for a time of exposure after emulsion. Then wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. 

  • Multi Cleaner : Versatile, this all-purpose cleaner can be used on a variety of surfaces. It effortlessly revives and deodorizes treated surfaces, such as plastic, laminate, garden furniture, textile  material such as car seats or carpets.

Directions for use : Spray inside your car on your door, seat, carpet, etc. Leave on for a maximum of one minute. Then wipe with a slightly damp microfiber cloth. 


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Tips for Optimal Cleaning:

  1. First vacuum: Before applying cleaning products, vacuum the inside of your car to remove dirt from the surface.
  2. Work by Sections: Divide your car's interior into sections for methodical cleaning. This ensures that every area receives the attention it needs.
  3. Ventilate After Cleaning: After using products, be sure to ventilate your car well to remove the fumes from the cleaning products.


With the right products and a professional approach, you can keep your car's interior in pristine condition. Candicar's products are designed to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that every ride in your car is a clean and enjoyable experience. Visit Candicar to explore the full range of quality car care products.

Published by Daniel on 29/01/2024