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How to Maintain Your Vehicle Between 2 Washes: Tips and Must-Have Products

Maintaining your vehicle between regular washes is essential to preserve its aesthetic appearance and ensure its longevity. In this article, we'll explore some practical tips, some must-have products to have on hand and tips on how to keep your vehicle clean between washes.

Candicar's tips to keep your vehicle clean

Avoid high-risk areas: 

Park your car away from sap trees, areas where birds are frequent, or places prone to pollution. This will reduce the chances of your vehicle being exposed to items that could dirty it.

Use exterior protections: 

Cover your car with a protective cover to protect it from weather, pollen and dust. This is especially useful if your car is standing still for long periods of time

Clean carpets regularly: 

Car mats can accumulate a lot of dirt. Removing and shaking them regularly will prevent dirt from spreading to the rest of the cabin.
We also advise you to avoid eating indoors. Crumbs on the carpet or on the seat are easily avoidable. This will help keep the interior cleaner.

Caring for plastics and leathers: 

Apply a protectant to plastic and leather surfaces to protect them from wear and tear and make cleaning easier. It will also help prevent discoloration from sun exposure. Also think about renovating products as you will see later in the article.

Use odour diffusers: 

Keep your car cool by using odor diffusers or placing deodorizer packets. This will help maintain a pleasant environment indoors.
Candicar has also developed an air freshener product. This can be very useful if you want to destroy an organic smell (perspiration, animals, food).

Tidy up regularly: 

Avoid clutter build-up by regularly tidying up items that could contribute to making your car dirty. It's easier not to hoard than to suddenly have to tidy up later.
If you drink a bottle while driving, remember to take it out when you leave the vehicle.
You've received papers, don't put them in the back seat and say "for later", take them out and sort them.

Cleaning products to have on hand 

Using Glass Extra for flawless glass

Glass Extra is a versatile product that simplifies window cleaning quickly and efficiently. Whether for mirrors, windows or other glass surfaces, this cleaner offers a powerful degreasing action. In addition, it is very useful for quickly removing small stains on the bodywork or plastic, such as bird droppings. All you have to do is apply the product, wipe with a microfiber, and you're done!

Have a microfiber 

Always have a microfiber on hand Microfiber is an essential ally for the maintenance of your vehicle. It offers excellent absorbency, effectively removing dirt, ridding surfaces of dust and polishing without the risk of scratches. Always having a microfibre with you is essential to quickly wipe away small stains, such as residue left behind by birds, in combination with Glass Extra.

Red Cockpit to bring your car's interior back to life

Red Cockpit is a product dedicated to the maintenance of the interior surfaces of your vehicle. Whether it's for the dashboard, seats or other plastic elements, Red Cockpit allows you to dust off and give your car's interior a new shine. It is simple to use: simply spray the product on the surface to be treated and wipe it with a microfiber.

Texticlean, for all the small tasks on your seats 

Texticlean, an expert solution designed to effectively remove all organic dirt from seats and floor mats. Its powerful formula quickly removes stains, while reviving original colors for a vibrant interior. Also enjoy a pleasant smell left fresh after each use.

Maintaining your vehicle between washes has never been easier with these products and tips. These practical and effective solutions will allow you to keep your car clean and aesthetically pleasing, while preserving its interior and exterior surfaces. Adopt these tips and products for optimal car care and a pleasant driving experience.


Published by Daniel on 11/03/2024