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Complete Guide: Types of Rims and 3 Candicar Care Products for Optimal Cleaning

Discover our complete guide on the different types of automotive rims as well as the specific products offered by Candicar to ensure optimal maintenance. Whether you are passionate about cars or concerned about keeping your vehicle in impeccable condition, this article will provide you with all the information you need to learn more about the characteristics of each type of rim, as well as the 3 essential Candicar products to keep them in perfect condition !

At Candicar, we are proud to offer products developed to suit all types of rims, whether they are alloy, sheet metal or aluminum. Our products, of Belgian origin, are the result of recognized know-how in the field of car maintenance. We guarantee impeccable quality and proven efficiency to keep your rims spotless.

The three types of rims that exist

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are some of the most popular on the market. Made from a blend of lightweight metals such as aluminum and magnesium, these rims offer an ideal balance of lightness, durability, and aesthetics. Their alloy construction also allows for better heat dissipation, which can improve braking performance. Available in a variety of designs and finishes, alloy wheels are often the preferred choice for those looking for a custom look for their vehicle.

Sheet metal rims

Sheet metal rims, also known as steel rims, are known for their sturdiness and durability. Made from solid steel, these rims are often used on commercial vehicles and work cars due to their ability to withstand impact and damage. Although less aesthetically pleasing than alloy wheels, sheet metal wheels are generally cheaper to replace in the event of damage. They are also easier to maintain and clean, making them a convenient choice for many drivers.

Aluminium rims

Forged rims are the ultimate in performance and quality. Made from a single block of forged aluminum, these rims are extremely light and strong. The forging process creates a denser molecular structure, making them stronger than traditional alloy wheels. Forged rims are often used on high-end sports cars and racing vehicles due to their excellent performance and ability to withstand extreme stress. Although more expensive than other types of rims, forged rims offer an unmatched level of quality and performance


The 3 essentials for cleaning your rims

At Candicar, we are committed to providing the highest quality products, developed specifically to suit all three types of rims: alloy, sheet metal or aluminum. Our Belgian expertise is reflected in every product we offer, guaranteeing optimal performance and effective protection for your rims. By choosing Candicar, you are opting for a Belgian formula, Belgian products, effective but not aggressive, thus ensuring the best for your precious rims, regardless of their manufacturing material.

Rim brush

The Candicar Rim Brush is specially designed for effective cleaning of all types of rims. Featuring soft bristles and an ergonomic handle, it effectively removes dirt without damaging the rim surface. Use it with our Rim Cleaner for optimal results.

Cleans Rims

Our Candicar Rim Cleaner is formulated for a perfect and fast cleaning of all automotive rims. Its special formulation guarantees effective action without strong acids, thus preserving the original shine of the rims while protecting them against dirt and stubborn deposits.

Iron Burn

Iron Burn is ideal for quickly dissolving ferrous particles, such as those from brake pads, on rims and bodywork. Its pH-neutral reactive gel formulation guarantees a powerful action without compromising the finish of the rims.

Rust has crept into your rims ? With just a few sprays of our Iron Burn product, the rust will disappear! 

No matter what type of rims you have, Candicar products are designed to provide effective cleaning and long-lasting protection for each of these types of rims. Discover our full range of specific cleaners from Candicar, and keep your rims spotless for a safe and stylish ride.

Published by Daniel on 22/04/2024