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Do you have leather seats in your car ? We have the cleaning products you need!

Leather seats bring a touch of luxury and elegance to the interior of your car. However, to keep them looking new and supple, regular maintenance is essential. In this article, Candicar guides you through the steps necessary to effectively clean your leather seats, highlighting our specialized products: the Red Cockpit, the Leather Care and the Clean Max L (microfiber cloth).

Tips for Cleaning Leather Seats

 Dirt and stain removal

Before you start cleaning, vacuum the seats thoroughly to remove dust and dirt particles. Then use our Red Cockpit product, originally designed to renovate plastic, but also ideal for leather. Thanks to its unique formula, it offers a glossy finish that makes your leather look new and sleek. Its long-lasting effect guarantees long-lasting protection, while its oceanic scent leaves a fresh scent in your vehicle.

The Red Cockpit dusts and revives by leaving an unmistakable shine on synthetic or natural materials. In addition to leather seats, it can therefore be used on the dashboard or inside the doors, offering a versatile solution for the complete maintenance of your vehicle.

Regular leather care

Our Leather Care product has been specially formulated for the quick and effective maintenance of all types of leather. It is a cleansing and nourishing spray, designed to preserve the natural qualities of the leather while keeping it in perfect condition. Before use, shake the bottle well to ensure even distribution of the product. Then, spray at a distance of about 20 cm from the surface to be treated to evenly cover the area. To ensure optimal effectiveness, use the Clean Max L (microfiber cloth) to work the product into the leather. This step will remove dirt while nourishing and protecting the leather, ensuring its longevity and beauty. Regular use of Candicar Entretien Cuir will keep your leather seats in impeccable condition, preserving their elegance and flexibility for a long time.


Using the Clean Max L Microfiber Cloth

The Clean Max L or in other words, the microfiber cloth is a versatile tool for cleaning leather seats. Use it dry to dust and polish surfaces. In case of stubborn stains or oil and grease residues, lightly dampen the microfibre with water or use it with a suitable cleaning product such as Red Cockpit or Leather Care. This method ensures a thorough cleaning without damaging the leather.

Additional Tips for Caring for Your Leather Seats

Stain Pretreatment

Before general cleaning, identify specific stains on the seats and apply our Leather Care product in a targeted manner. Avoid aggressive products and always test on a small, inconspicuous area.

Deep Cleaning & Prevention

Also choose our Leather Care product for a thorough cleaning. Apply it with the microfiber cloth in circular motions, keeping in mind the seams and creases. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

Packaging & Protection

Apply our microfiber cloth dry after cleaning for extra conditioning. It will dust and polish while preserving the texture of the leather. For added protection, use our Leather Care product after cleaning.

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Published by Daniel on 08/04/2024