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The complete guide to products and tips to have so that you don't scratch your vow when you wash it

Your car is a valuable investment, and its exterior appearance plays a crucial role in maintaining its value. However, cleaning your vehicle can sometimes be tricky, as mistakes can lead to unwanted scratches. In this article, we offer you a complete guide on how to clean your car effectively while avoiding the dreaded scratches.


  1. Choose the Right Cleaning Products for Your Car !

The first key to avoiding scratches is to select the right cleaning products. Opt for quality car shampoos that are specially formulated to remove dirt without damaging the paint. Avoid abrasive products that could cause microscopic scratches.

At Candicar, for example , you have:

With a one-liter bottle, you can do 50 washes ! Its hyper-concentrated formula and its bottle with a dosing measure allow you to use only what you need to wash your car.

Packaged in the same type of bottle, you have easy to take only the dose that suits you. This 1 liter shampoo allows you to do 25 washes. With its built-in foam regulator, rinsing is quicker and you have easy wiping. Exceptional shine on all types of hairsprays guaranteed with our shampoo !

If you're looking to give your car a makeover, there are also body remodelers. Depending on the colour of your vehicle (dark or other), Candicar's Carat+ products could be very useful.

  • Black Polish : Formulation based on water and volcanic sediments. Ideal for restoring the depth of lacquer to dark vehicles! Our product has been designed to leave no holograms. It can be used by hand or with a polishing machine.
  • Carat + universal polish : If your vehicle is not dark, we advise you to take this polishing version. Bodywork renovator for all types of paints, our product is very easy to use ! It will protect your vehicle for a long time. Guaranteed and recognized result.

 shampoing pour laver voiture et polish

  1. Use a Two-Bucket Washing Technique:

The two-bucket wash technique is an effective way to avoid bringing dirt back onto the bodywork, which could cause scratches. Use one bucket for shampoo and another to rinse your glove or sponge. By rinsing your glove in the bucket of clean water, you minimize the risk of transferring abrasive particles.


  1. Choose the Soft Microfiber Wash Gloves!

Washing and polishing gloves can be incredibly effective and ensure you don't get scratches on your bodywork. They effectively trap dirt when cleaning and release it easily when rinsed.

Our washing and polishing glove, which is 25x16cm, is perfect for all hand sizes. Its foamed interior provides more comfort. We've installed an internal seam and a tightened elastic at the wrist for more support. This also allows for better efficiency.

These materials capture dirt and reduce the risk of scratches. Be sure to rinse your glove regularly to remove any foreign particles! Once tried, it's adopted !


  1. Avoid Hard Brushes:

While brushes can be useful for certain surfaces, they can cause scratches on your car's paint. Avoid hard brushes, especially those made of plastic or nylon, for body washing.

For example, we have a brush for every type of rim. Its soft bristles allow you to effectively clean any type of rim without damaging it. In addition, its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use! Be careful, remember to rinse it well and dry it after each use before storing it.


  1. Gently Dry with Microfiber Towels:

Drying is a critical step where many scratches can occur. Use soft, clean microfiber towels to absorb water. Our Microcham has been specially designed for drying your cars. This is the new chamois 2.0. Made of 70% microfiber and 30% high-quality polyurethane, our towel has both the absorbency of real chamois and the comfort of using a quality microfiber.


  1. Avoid Automatic Car Washes with Rotating Brushes:

Automatic car washes may seem convenient, but rotating brushes can cause scratches on the bodywork. If possible, opt for hand washing or use touchless car washes. Our Candicar range allows any private vehicle owner to know how to wash their car like a pro directly from home !


By following these simple tips, you can clean your car effectively while preserving the beauty of its bodywork. Take the time to choose the right products and adopt careful washing techniques to ensure that every cleaning leaves behind only the shine, without the dreaded scratches. After all, a pristine car is a reflection of your attention to detail and commitment to its optimal maintenance.

Published by Daniel on 12/02/2024