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How to use Candicar's products and professional advice to clean your car mats?

Caring for car mats, which are often overlooked, is a crucial step in preserving your vehicle's interior. They are constantly under stress and are exposed to the inevitable accumulation of dirt, stains and odours. How do you restore these interior elements to their original shine and ensure their long-term durability?

In this article, we recommend two must-have products from Candicar, along with practical tips for optimal cleaning.

What are the best products for washing your car mats?

At Candicar, we are aware of the importance of choosing quality products to ensure effective and material-friendly cleaning.

Rubber brush to remove hair

Do you have pets, such as a small dog ? Do you always have a lot of hair on your carpets ? Think of the Bristle Brush from Candicar. A very strong rubber brush that will catch any hair left on your carpets.

It can also be used for the seats of your vehicle or even the soft top of your convertible !

The Texti clean loosens your carpets quickly

Candicar's Texti Clean, a revolutionary cleaner specifically designed for automotive fabrics, features an advanced formula that targets stubborn stains. Easy to apply, it guarantees professional results with every use, leaving your carpets looking incomparably fresh.

Washing Tips for Optimal Results

The process of cleaning car mats begins with the removal of embedded stains.

Start by vacuuming up dust and debris. Wipe our Bristle Brush as needed.

Next, apply Candicar's Texti Clean. Spray on the surface to be treated, emulsify everything with a soft brush. Then you can lightly dampen our microfiber and wipe down the treated surface.

If you want a better result, allow some exposure time after the stain has been emulsified without drying the Texti Clean !

You'll quickly see how effective this product is at loosening your carpets or even fabric seats. In addition, it revives the original colors and leaves a pleasant smell.

Restore the freshness and shine of your carpets with Candicar

Investing in quality products is essential to preserving the appearance and durability of your car's carpets. With Candicar's range of car carpet cleaners, you can restore the freshness and shine of your carpets while ensuring their longevity. Discover the difference with our products designed to meet the specific needs of your vehicle, and give your carpets the attention they deserve.

Published by Daniel on 25/03/2024